There comes a time in life when you wake up one morning and contemplate life! Searching for answers as to how can you make a career and family work together, looking for the ideal balance?

Where better than sitting on the beach under African skies, with special friends to hatch a plan. A light bulb moment set in motion the beginnings of what you now know as the Light Shed or for some that great store down the road where you are always bound to find the perfect gift.

Our primary focus was driven by the need and desire to source great lighting, then came all the nice to haves, home-ware, gifts, basket-ware, and all the things we love and know you will too!

We are supported by a wonderful community ( thank you guys) and have special partnerships, promoting  locally designed and manufactured products as much as possible. We are proud to be the official distributors in Johannesburg for the following companies:
  •  Ambiente Luce
  •  Morgan & Associates 
  •  Sky Fans – Bespoke Paddle Fans
  •  Victorian Bathrooms lighting

We have two stores in close proximity located off Jan Smuts Ave in Craighall Park, because we believe in giving our products space to hold their own. I am sure you will agree there is nothing more depressing and overwhelming than a dusty old lighting shop when searching for the perfect light fitting!

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Love & Light