August 8, 2015

Lighting plays a very functional role in our homes, whether it is interior or exterior, however implementing energy efficient solutions is a priority.  

There are a couple of helpful tips to keep in mind when considering (planning) the lighting in your home. 

Exterior lighting:
All exterior fittings should be on a day/night switch which is simply fitted to the distribution board. This will enable your lights to come on automatically when the sun sets and go off at day break. 

Motion sensors on LED flood lights are essential, nothing quite like putting the lights on instantly if there is an unwanted visitor in the garden. Flood lights are also great for lighting the garden on balmy summer evenings for the kids to play cricket or run amok.

Important facts:

• You actually need something that’s not overly bright, so you can see what’s going on. It’s also a good idea, if you can, to have your lights pointing at something that will be noticeable when the lights are activated, something like a fence. That way you’ll be able to notice when the lights are on from multiple areas in your home.

• Also, make sure to install your lights high enough where they can’t be disabled by someone on the ground and trim those bushes by your windows, to eliminate possible hiding spots.

Keep in mind, a well-lit home is a safe home, lanterns on either side of your driveway entrance and front door are important to welcome you home. These lanterns in particular are decorative, so should be chosen to compliment the style of the home. Making use of timers is a great idea giving you the freedom to customize when your lights turn on and off - creating a “lived in” look when away.

All our bespoke exterior lanterns roll out into a wall mounted, arm mounted, pillar mounted and hanging lantern carrying the look throughout the home. The patio although exterior is a semi interior space too. If not directly affected by the elements you can have some fun with feature fittings creating a more ambient light in this space. An idea to consider is to put the patio lighting on dimmer switches to set the mood.

Lastly landscape lighting is an option if you have a big garden with beautiful tress, use LED floodlights to light up the trees. They are an efficient solution and well worth changing to LED if you still have the old sodium vapour type fittings as these are costly on electricity. Foot lights, pillar & pole mounted fittings and lanterns in trees are all options when it comes to garden lighting, which once again will turn an ordinary garden into your very own masterpiece.

We would love to chat to you about maximising your lighting solution, making it the most functional it possibly can be to protect you and your family. We don’t necessarily keep stock of all items, however they can all be ordered to suit your requirements.